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Last Stand Union City Hacked

You are a survivor! You are beset by the undead soldiers on all sides and the only thing between you and certain death is your problem solving abilities, keen management skills, and a twelve gauge shotgun! In Last Stand Union City Hacked you must scavenge, hunt, survive, but most of all have fun in this end of the world thriller. This gritty and epic Last Stand game drops you in

the outskirts of Union City which was hit pretty hard when the Undead began to rise and attack the living. Scavenge the ruins around you and search for any possible detail that can help you stay alive another minute. The skill class you choose at the beginning will affect your in play experience and might ultimately determine whether or not you can make it to Union City in one piece. Beat a zombie's brain in with a crowbar, or shoot them with a variety of high-powered blasters to gain experience which can be used to hone your unique set of apocalyptic skills. Along the way you will find some exciting upgrades to your weapons and meat, I mean meet some very interesting people who have suddenly found themselves at the end of the world. There is really no correct way to play this game because there are so many fascinating options to explore the world around you. Stock up your safe-house or try to get the heck out of dodge, it is up to you. There is way more detail packed in Last Stand Union City Hacked flash game than most people would ever expect. The art, music, storywriting, and gameplay are all just marvels. It is no wonder that this franchise set the bar for survivor RPGs in the flash world for so many years. Last Stand: Union City Hacked contains a fascinating amount of detail. You can fully customize your character and skill set to make the game unique each and every time you play it!

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